Data Cleansing

Are you leveraging your customer and prospect database effectively?

The application of individual data to prospecting activities has gone far beyond simple mail merge. The best way to leverage your database is to work with a data provider that knows how to use your data creatively and effectively.
Understand your customers better with our data management services. DataSolutions provides cost effective ways to provide a clear picture of your customers and to manage your database more effectively.
Having a single view enables you to create more relevant and focused marketing activities, enhancing customer relationships and increasing sales.
Enhance and improve your existing database with the following services from DataSolutions:

1. Validate - Validate existing records on your database.
2. Locate - Trace lost contacts and find where your customers have moved to.
3. Update - Append information to your customers to improve their marketability. Examples include extra names, phone numbers, age bands and homeowner status.