Why we won the Privacy Award


  • We have proactively undertaken unique procedures in regards to privacy related matters like no other company within this industry.
  • We see privacy as one of our top priority which has enabled the company to become privacy compliant by all means.
  • We have developed and implemented a program called: 'Privacy Plus' as a means to taking a proactive approach to privacy, as opposed to being reactive and waiting for a 'privacy crisis' to come about. This program consists of the following:
    • Washing all our data against the Do Not Call Registry every 3 weeks;
    • Indemnifying all our clients by taking ownership of the data by washing it against the DNC for them whilst providing an indemnity date (stamped verification) with the data;
    • If clients do not use the data before the indemnity date, we ask them to inform us so that we can wash it again for them and re-supply the records that are privacy compliant;
    • Employing two privacy managers on hand Monday - Friday (9am - 5pm) to take all privacy related enquiries; and
    • All enquiries are attended to within 24hrs guaranteed in which we also provide the sourcing of the record and remove them from the database if desired.
  • The means of managing privacy has further developed to enable a much simpler and easier process to all privacy related matters in order to benefit internal and external stakeholders of the company.
  • The development of the DIN Search that no other company has developed
  • Data Solutions Australia continually enhances privacy awareness internally by having privacy meetings on a weekly basis to ensure all employees are aware of all privacy related matters, laws, and procedures that take place within the firm.
    Additionally, Data Solutions provides many online tools to the external audiences in order to make explicit the company’s ethical stance on all privacy related matters. This includes giving external stakeholders information on privacy laws, regulations, and access to necessary links that may further assist their privacy needs (ADMA, ACMA).