Data Solutions Privacy Policy

Data Solutions Australia Pty Limited (DSA) is committed to maintaining the protection and security of an individual’s personal and sensitive information in the way we conduct our business.

Privacy Commitment

DSA pledges to conduct our relationships with both customers and other information providers in an ethical, transparent and professional manner. It is a term of our provision of any data to a customer for marketing purposes that the use will be in compliance with applicable data privacy and protection laws and industry practices. DSA also require an assurance from our data suppliers that all information has been lawfully obtained and in compliance with prevailing legislation and principals. DSA uses a variety of resources to stay informed about developments in legislation and regulation. We provide ongoing education to our employees on DSA’s privacy policy, procedures and practices as well as all applicable privacy legislation.

General Questions

1What Personal Information does DSA collect and hold?
DSA collects and holds both consumer and business information on individuals and entities.

Individual information held on an individual may include:

1. Salutation
2. First Name/and or Initial
3. Last Name
4. Gender
5. Address
6. Contact telephone and e-mail particulars
7. Age profiling
8. Direct responsive flag
9. Homeownership status

Business information held on an entity may include:

1. Job Title
2. Contact name
3. Company Name
4. Postal Address of Company
5. Telephone Number of Company
6. Email address
7. Website address
8. Company Profile / Description
9. Number of employees

DSA may, in the course of its dealing with customers, also collect and hold their personal information, such as:

1. Name
2. Industry particulars
3. Address
4. Best contact details
5. Email address
6. Credit card details (where applicable)

In the ordinary course of business DSA does not collect or hold sensitive information about an individual. In the event we do acquire or hold sensitive information about an individual we will either:

destroy or ensure that the sensitive information is de-identified; or obtain the express consent of the individual prior to any subsequent use of the sensitive information
2How does DSA collect and hold personal information?
DSA acquires personal information in primarily 3 ways:

1. We acquire it from other organisations;
2. We collect it from publically available sources; and
3. We personally obtain it from you when you contact our business.

DSA only acquires and sells data that it believes is compliant with the APP’s.

DSA takes reasonable steps to ensure individuals listed in the database are aware of its identity, the purpose of the collection and possible use of their personal information and, to the extent practicable, obtains consent to such use.

DSA will not hold personal information about an individual for marketing purposes in circumstances where the individual has chosen to OPT-OUT. https://www.dsadata.com.au/privacy.aspx

DSA will only collect a customer’s personal information where necessary and hold such information for the period of time that is required to finalise the transaction and ensure compliance with privacy requirements.

When holding personal information, DSA employs security procedures to protect all information from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access or modification or disclosure. Further, DSA supplies data only to authorised users who have contracted to provide the appropriate level of data security and comply with the APP’s
3What are the purposes for which DSA collects, holds, uses and discloses personal information?
DSA compiles, brokers and resells databases containing information on businesses and consumers in Australia for businesses to use in their marketing efforts.

DSA uses an individual’s personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected, that is either:

The maintenance of the quality of the DSA database;

1. The provision of information to clients for direct marketing, fund raising and/or market research purposes; OR
2. To transact the purchase of a list by a customer.
3. DSA will take reasonable steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information if it is no longer needed for any purpose for which the information may be used or disclosed.
4How can an individual access personal information about that individual that is held by DSA and seek the correction of such information?
DSA is committed to providing transparency and openness with respect to an individual’s personal information that is held by us. Upon written request by an individual DSA will take reasonable steps to let that person know what sort of personal information is held, for what purposes and how DSA collect, hold and use that information.

Information about an individual can be accessed by that person upon request at privacy@dsadata.com.au. No charge is made for access. DSA will rectify, at the earliest reasonable opportunity, an individual’s personal information that is incorrect, if notified by the individual or any legal representative of same.

DSA recognise that an individual may not wish their information held by us. Unless we are legally required to hold an individual’s personal information, an individual has the opportunity to “OPT-OUT” of inclusion in our data bases. https://www.dsadata.com.au/privacy.aspx
5How can an individual complain about a breach of the APP’s or a registered APP code (if any), that bind DSA? And how will DSA deal with that complaint?
An individual can complain about a breach of the APPs or a registered APP Code by

1. Posting a written complaint to: Privacy Officer Suite 102, 161 Walker Street North Sydney NSW 2060
2. E-mailing particulars of the complaint to: privacy@dsadata.com.au
3. Telephoning: 02 9808 7788

All complaints received will be handled in accordance with DSA’s Complaints Policy which includes confirming receipt of the complaint, registering the complaint in a log, responding to the complainant with the proposed resolution of the complaint and executing a resolution, where possible, of the complaint.
6Is DSA likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients?
DSA may disclose your personal information to overseas recipients in particular New Zealand, USA, and UK.

Availability of our Privacy Policy to You

DSA’s Privacy Policy is published on our web-site under the PRIVACY tab. A hardcopy, inclusive of any links, can be mailed to you via pre-paid ordinary post upon request.

Opting Out

DSA is careful to recognise and respect any valid requests from individuals to suppress their personal information from our clients' marketing efforts and have sophisticated systems in place to ensure this suppression.
Requests for removal are acted on as soon as possible. In compliance with the Privacy Act, requests for removal must be submitted by the individual in writing. Requests can be sent using any of the following:
1. Writing to us at Data Solutions Australia, Suite 903, 225 Miller Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060;
2. Faxing on (02) 8908 7799;
3. Call on (02) 8908 7788;
4. Emailing us at: privacy@dsadata.com.au; or
5. Fill the form below.